Amabay was created in 2017.

We Provide a "Platform" for buyers and sellers to trade, we provide a platform for sellers to sell products via shops & auctions, we also allow buyers to shop with full peace of mind and a money back guarantee covered by on all transaction online.  

Our Website doesn't stop the flow of supply & demand, nor do we hinder the process of transactions between people. Other Websites don't like members sharing contact numbers or dealing outside of their platform, They have high fee's & special algorithms that favour certain sellers over the little guy. 

But here at "amaBAY" we don't mind sellers dealing outside of the platform, we are not a fee hungry organisation, because we ourselves are sellers and understand that every little helps. 

We make our money from Selling our own products on the website alongside our users.

As we grow and our platform gets bigger we will need to upgrade our servers and infrastructure, so we will introduce a small fee but this will not be for a long time, as our current infrastructure can handle up-to a million sellers. 

But we can assure you that this will never be as ludicrous as other platforms that charge up to 40% per transaction. 

We want our users to make money and our customers to save money it simple as that.

Amabay Team

"were here to help"